Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project update

Two weeks ago I posted about having the bathroom torn up. I included a picture of what it looked like after the plumbers had come in and cut the old tub and shower unit (shown here) out and there was nothing but studs and insulation on that side. Then we took out the toilet (and, as usual, when I say "we" I mean Jerry), stripped the wallpaper and took up the tile floor. Emery was over one day shortly after that and went running in there to use the potty. He came out slowly with the funniest look on his face. He said, "I have to ask Grampa something!"

Last Saturday the tile guys came and did their magic. We decided to forgo a tub since we never use it anyway...and there is another one just around the corner. So the entire space is now a tiled shower. The floor tile matches and it all looks pretty good. They came back yesterday and did the grout work and finished up.

Next up will be the guy who is coming this afternoon to measure for the glass door. Today or tomorrow the plumber will come back and finish his part of the shower fixtures and install the new toilet.

Then it will be Jerry's turn again. To replace the light fixture and a new vent. He's also going to build in a shelf unit between the studs on one wall. Then it will be finished except for the painting which will come later when we're ready to paint the whole master bedroom/bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Makes me tired just thinking about it! But I can't wait to see how pretty it all looks.

Anonymous said...

it looks great. did you install the floor tile with the animals on it somewhere? or at least frame it and hang it over the new toilet! enjoy the renovations. miz b

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! Glad you like it.