Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here We Go...Again

   Last January I wrote a blog post that I titled, "Reignited".  I said I was fired up to write in my blog more.  Then about 10 days after that I blogged about napping.  Then I must have taken a nap...because I didn't write again until March!  That was hardly the commitment I had in mind.  Full-time retirement is very bad for my pre-existing condition:  procrastination. 

 In that March post I was writing about cousins.  My focus was on a couple of days that Savannah and Emery got to spend with their second-cousin, Kimberly.  But why didn't I write again in May when my Berry cousins came for a visit and we had such a great time?  Why didn't I write about the trips we took, the fun things we did during the year (taking a new route home from Streator and finding an out-of-the-way winery, a pool party for the grand kids' friends, time out for a girly tea party, the two-tent campout), my thoughts on jury duty or the good family times we shared?  It all happened...but I didn't write about it.  So now I have no record of my feelings about each of these things.
   I don't think many people read and write blogs much any more.  Facebook is just so much easier.  But here I am in January again and while I'm not going to make a "New Year's Resolution" (only to fail and beat myself up about it) to write in my blog this year, I do have that intention.  I don't want these "Days of Our Lives" to go by and not be commented on.  So here goes...

   I've been looking forward to Janaury for the last several weeks.  January 9th, to be exact.  On that day I had an appointment to see a neurosurgeon to get some expert advice on what can be done to take care of the horrible back pain I've been having for the past 4 months.  What started out as simple sciatica became much worse.  At times unbearable.  After a couple of doctor visits, one trip to the emergency room, two screw-ups at the pharmacy, x-rays, a month of 3-times-a-week visits to the chiropractor, and many, many drugs, my doctor finally said it was time for an MRI.  I've always been afraid of having to have one of those, but it was no big deal.  (See....why didn't I write about all this??)  After the results of that MRI, she said it was time to check in with a neurosurgeon to see what the next step would be. 
   So on Wednesday, January 9th, Jerry went with me to see what Dr. Walpert had to say.  We both liked her very much and although she is a surgeon, she sees surgery as a last option.  She wants me to try some physical therapy first.  Many people with back issues have great success with that.  Next week I'm scheduled to go to a physical therapist here in town and get an evaluation.  Hopefully, I'll get a schedule and can start trying that approach.  And, hopefully, I'll take time to write about the whole thing.