Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zippity Do Da

Last year Jerry was reading an article in the paper about zip lining. Where you put on a crash helmet, strap yourself to a wire and go zipping along between the trees. The fact that that sounded like fun to him and sounded terrifying to me just goes to show that sometimes opposites do attract. Since the place he was reading about was somewhere in North Carolina, I just said, "Oh, sure. We'll have to do that some time." In my mind a good time to do that would be just as hell was freezing over.

But early this year I got one of those coupon deals in my e-mail that was for 60% off two rides on a zip line at a place here in Georgia. I knew he would love to do that, so I got it for him for Valentine's Day. But I also knew it would be fun if he could share it with somebody. Somebody other than me!! I knew right away who that "somebody" would be. Jessica. She shares her dad's love of being off the ground. She went in the open biplane ride over Atlanta with him (when Jeremy chickened out) and she and Emery accompanied him in a helicopter ride. So I got a coupon for her, too. (Is it just me, or does that picture make you start singing "Coal Miner's Daughter"?)

One hot day this summer, we drove up to Blue Ridge, Georgia so they could use their coupons. I rode along because someone has to be there to take pictures and bring the body bags. After a summer with drought -- like so many lately -- we picked a day that was threatening rain. We hadn't had rain at home, but up there in the mountains they'd had a lot of rain the night before. So when we got there, they told us it was too muddy for the vehicle that takes them up the dirt road to the top of the line. They said to come back in an hour or so and give the sun a chance to dry the road. We went into town and had lunch. The town of Blue Ridge is neat and we walked around a little and went into some of the many shops. But for most of this time, it was still cloudy and we couldn't see the sun coming out any time soon to dry anything up. Just as it was looking like we'd made the 2 hour (one way) drive for nothing only to come back another day, the sun did come out. Then it got hot as all blazes. We called the place and they said we could come back and they could take their ride now. Jess said the scariest part of the whole thing was the ride up that dirt road!

It all worked out and they did get to go zipping after all. The information for the place looked and sounded very exciting on line. It is called Fire Wire Zip Lines and says "Exhilaration overcomes you as you soar 1500' while reaching speeds up to 40 mph. For anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to fly, your wait is over." In reality it was short and, except for looking at the beautiful mountains in the area, not very scenic. They "flew" over an open pasture. But they did have two rides, so they got to take the exciting trip up the dirt road to the top again.

What they did get from it, though, was a burning desire to do it again. We picked up some brochures about other places. One is closer and looks like a lot more fun. That place has you go through the trees and then hike over bridges, etc. and then ride again. This goes on for quite a while and then you take the last drop to the exit platform. So they want to do that some time this fall when the weather is cooler and the trees are pretty. I'll ride along again to take pictures, but I'll take a good book for the 2 hours I'll be waiting while they zippity do da one more time.