Friday, February 6, 2009

Book/Movie Review

I don't make enough time to read. I don't know why. I have several books...some of them I've had for a long time...that I know will be wonderful. One such book that's been on my shelf for longer than I will admit is called, "Gifted Hands". It's a small book and one I should have read by now. I know the basics of the story; a young black man and his brother are raised by their mother in poverty in inner-city Detroit. His mother gets much of the credit for the way she sacrificed and raised her boys so that they would not become victims of the streets, but would have good lives. She taught them faith, hard work, and the value of reading. Thanks to her, Ben Carson overcame impossible odds -- educationally and environmentally -- to become director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at the age of 33!

I was happy to hear they had made a movie of his story...based on the book. I had intended this post to be a programming note to advise you to watch the show. It stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the title role. It will air tomorrow night (Saturday, February 7th) at 8:00 p.m. (my time) on TNT. I have be so excited. Then when I sat down to write this, I was Googling around looking for a picture to post and came across the USA Today review of the program. They say it's terrible! They say it is boring and Cuba's portrayal of the doctor is dull. They also said that the movie focuses on one event -- the separation of Siamese twins -- rather than on the amazing story of how this man got to be who he is.

So now I'm conflicted. Should I watch the movie just to see how bad it is? Or should I turn the TV off and read the book. I still recommend you find out this man's story...but I'll let you decide how you want to hear it.

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