Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Travels, Trials and Tribulation

Well, okay, that title may be a little dramatic, but I flew to Tucson this past weekend and I just don't care much for travel. It was no big deal...stuff that anyone else would take in stride...but I just don't get excited about traveling.

I left on Saturday morning, more than an hour after our scheduled departure time. There was something wrong with part of the door on the plane. Okay...I'll be glad to wait while you get that fixed. The weather was clear here and in Tucson, but the radar showed some pretty hefty storms in between. When we finally got ready for takeoff the voice of the faceless pilot told us we were going to have a smooth flight. I wondered which radar he'd been looking at. About an hour into the flight...and for about an hour...we pitched and bounced and rolled and yawed (whatever that is) pretty good. We had our peanuts, but then the flight attendants had to strap themselves in before we got our beverages. I couldn't sew because I couldn't thread the needle. I was dozing before that, but that turbulance was a real eye-opener! But they did play the movie and it was Jerry Seinfeld's "Bee Movie" and it was pretty good. After that the rest of the flight was smooth enough.

Coming back on Monday afternoon we were half an hour late leaving because the plane was late getting there. My sister, a veteran flyer, said most flights don't leave on time any more. I get antsy. But after a delay of almost an hour, we were in the air and this flight only had a few bumps. The movie coming back was "Dan In Real Life". It was predictable but cute and I liked it. Also, this time the drinks came with the snacks so that was good.

I went out there to escort my mom back here for a visit of a couple of months. Her health and strength are failing and she wasn't able to come at Christmas time this year. She has wanted very badly to see Savannah and Emery and, of course, I can't say that I blame her. So we had a long day, but got her here safely and now she's settled in and the kiddies will be here in about an hour. She's excited about that.

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Anonymous said...

i am so glad you got your mom and you back safely! now take some deep breaths and enjoy the upcoming turbulance i can assure you you will experience with lucille in residence!!!! lucia in residence isnt' bad, but there are times i need an oxygen mask to help me catch my breath some days! please tell her we all said hello. miz b