Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Tuesday

On Jodi's blog, she sometimes participates in "Tiny Talk Tuesday" with some other bloggers. This is when they record some of the cute and interesting things their children say. After having had the kiddies for a couple of days, I have something to contribute in the way of "Tiny Talk".

Savannah and I were in the sewing room for a while on Sunday and after a bit she got bored and went back upstairs. In a little while, I thought I'd better go see what she was doing. As I came around to the foot of the steps, there she was with a mostly empty large bag of Skittles in her hand. Most of the Skittles were in a pile on the floor. She calmly said, "Nanny...can we just clean these up and you not ask any questions?"

Emery introduces himself to every one he meets. We ate lunch at McDonald's on Saturday and they wanted to play on the playground for a while. There were two other little girls there. The older one was about 4 or 5. She asked Savannah and Emery if they wanted to play with her. Savannah said, "Okay" and started climbing on the slide. Emery's eyes lit up and he told her, "I Emery York!" and then he was ready to play. Then later we went to see the animals at Dauset Trails and he was so excited about the aligators. On Sunday morning we went to Jessica's church with her because hers has a better nursery than ours and the kids really like it there. He introduced himself to the nursery attendant by saying, "I Emery York! I saw the gators!"

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Jaime said...

How funny! I'm dying to know what Savannah didn't want to talk about!