Monday, February 25, 2008

Charles - Chuckie - Chuck

I have one brother. His name is Charles John Berry. My dad's name was Charles Raymond my brother isn't a true "junior". But when you name a son after his father there is always confusion, so you need a way to clarify who it is you're talking about (or yelling at, or blaming for something). So, growing up, my dad was Charles and my brother was called "Chuckie". It's okay to picture the familiar nightmare here -- it rings true for me.

After a certain age, my brother let us all no uncertain terms...that he despised being called "Chuckie". I still use it on occasion and have been known to address his mail that way sometimes. When my nephew, Patrick, was growing up he'd get a kick out of it. When they were getting ready to leave after visiting us one time, he asked me to "Call my dad Chuckie one more time before we go".

So my now grown-up brother goes by Chuck. That's right...Chuck Berry! Now we have to clarify who we're talking about by saying, "Not the skinny black guy...the balding white guy".

But all kidding aside, I must confess that I have come to admire and appreciate my little brother. I give his wife, Linda, credit for helping him to become a fine adult. They have raised two exemplary children. He has worked hard and become a success in his career and an asset to his community. He went to pharmacy school in St. Louis and became a pharmacist for Walgreens early on. He took business administration courses and is still with them as a district manager. They're living back in the St. Louis area again and he's on the board of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy where he got his degree and he serves on the board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The reason I'm talking about him today is that he called yesterday to say that he and Linda would be coming for a visit this weekend. I'm so glad they're coming because while they visit with mom during the days, I can work at the quilt shop for the big Shop Hop this weekend and not feel bad about leaving her for 3 days in a row! Then I can visit with them in the evening.

This is the new and improved, revised and metamorphosed (it's a word -- I looked it up) Chuck Berry with his son, Patrick...who, by the way, now wants to be called "Pat". :)


Mellie said...

what a great tribute to your brother! (although the picture at the beginning is just downright scary!)

Quilting Bea said...

So was my brother in his "Chuckie" years! :)

Jackie said...

Ain't no way that's little Chuckie Berry! I couldn't have picked him out of a line up. I remember him when your mother used to say, "he's so cute, I could eat him up" and you'd say (under your breath to me)"I wish somebody would!"
Aren't cha glad we're all grown up now? Enjoy the visit!