Monday, February 4, 2008

A Night Out With the Girls

On Saturday night I went into Atlanta with friends Deanna, Pam and Mellie. We ate a wonderful dinner at the OK Cafe. If you've never been...put it on your "to do" list. It's on West Paces Ferry at the intersection of I-75 North. It's considered a 4-star Atlanta restaurant serving real down-home southern fare. Worth the trip.

We were there, though, so we would be in the area in time to get to Cumberland Community Church at a certain time so we could meet up with Jess and 3 of her friends, and Jodi and 3 of her friends. We were all going to the taping of Anita Renfroe's new routine..."It Must Be My Thyroid". If you're not familiar with the name, maybe you are familiar with one of her routines that has gotten a lot of play in the last several months. She does a bit called "Momsense" in which she recites all the things a mom says all day...set to the tune (and pace) of the William Tell Overture. She performed it at the Women of Faith conferences last year and it's been played on several TV programs. It's also on YouTube and she's had over a million hits on that site. She's a very funny lady. She has a wonderful singing voice and she works several song paradies, and even one video, into her stand-up routine. At one point she was talking about how women and men approach conversations differently. A woman knows pretty much how it will go, while the man has no clue. Remember the old song, "I Say a Little Prayer for You"? She sat down at the piano and started singing, "The moment I wake up -- before I put on my makeup -- I set a little snare for you". :)

This was a taping, so we were part of the audience and sometimes taping would have to stop (several times a train went by!) or she would have to do something over again. She'd apologize, but we thought we got a real treat in getting to see a certain part again. I've never been to a live taping and it was neat. The DVD will be out in April and several of us ordered advance copies. It will be fun to see it again in it's finished state and to see if any of us got our faces in the audience shots...or ended up on the cutting room floor!


Mellie said...

Great picture of the waitress. She even looks like the ones at OK Cafe!

Michele said...

Didn't we have fun? I really enjoyed it. Maye we'll show up on the DVD!