Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Birthday Party

Last night was "Babes' Night" and it was my turn to host. We each host about 3 times a year. I made a chicken dish and got an ice cream cake from Brusters. This Babes' night was special because we were celebrating Pam's birthday. (Pam is second from the left in the picture posted under "A Night Out With the Girls") She liked the purse I made myself last month and said she'd like one. I asked her what colors and she told me she liked a particular line of fabrics that Melisa just got in at the shop. So I made one for her. It was just the right size to put some goodies inside. Two of her favorites: orange slices and licorice, and one of mine: a bottle of Chateau Elan wine -- Duncan Creek.

Jerry usually does a dissapearing act and hangs out with one of the girls when I host the Babes. Last night he went over to Jodi and Jeremy's and had spaghetti and played with the grand kids. When he got home he was asking about the party. He asked (facetiously) if she got anything to make a quilt with. As a matter of fact, she got books, patterns, fabric, scissors, a gift certificate to Sweet Home and all kinds of fun stuff!

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