Friday, February 15, 2008

He Done Good -- Again

Jerry has always done very well for Valentine's Day. Yesterday was no exception. I had to work all day and then teach a class at night, so we decided we would celebrate tonight with dinner and a movie. That plan is still in place, but still...yesterday was the "official" day.

Usually when I go to work he asks if there's anything I need for him to do that day. Yesterday I told him he could fold the clothes that were in the dryer. Then in the dryer ... on top of the clothes ... I left a box of candy for him and a silly card with a monkey on it that said something about him being my prime mate.

When I got home from teaching my class, there on the table was a beautiful bunch of Calla Lillies (one of my very favorites), some Ghiradelli dark chocolate (better for your heart than milk chocolate) AND a new John Grisham novel! Pretty great, huh? His card was hilarious, though. On the front are a couple sitting together:

Her: "Well, here we are, together for another whole year."

Him: "Sure...I could go for a cold beer."

Inside: "Listening and Understanding...the keys to every great relationship." His personal note mentioned that he sometimes misplaces the "keys". :)

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Mellie said...

OH, he is truely a romantic at heart! Good job, Jerry!