Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day Two

My sympathies to the good folks in Detroit, Oregon. I heard on the news the other day that they had to call in the National Guard to dig them out of their homes after several heavy snowfalls of several feet each time. My sympathies, too, to "Uncle Ken" Thompson in Illinois. He's the road commissioner and this is the snowiest winter they've had in 30 years.

I'm extending sympaties because we've had great weather here lately. We've had a few rainy days for which we are very grateful. Between those, we've had sunny skies and mild temperatures. Yesterday was in the 60s again. Such a beautiful day calls for an outing. So we took the grand kids over to Dauset Trails. It's a really nice nature center with hiking and biking trails, a reptile house in the visitor's center and farm animals. There are also cages of animals to see along the hiking trail. Emery was most excited to see the alligators and Savannah just wanted to pet something. The first picture is at one of the owl cages.

Here they are feeding the goats. But just like all the working and raking yesterday, all the hiking and poking and petting and feeding maks them exhausted. It was a nice, quiet ride home. :)

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