Monday, January 14, 2008

Two for Two

So far this new year I'm doing pretty well as far as UFOs (unfinished objects) in the quilting department. In the first two weeks of 2008 I have finished two projects. The first was a purse I was going to make for myself this fall. I love the one I've been using. It was made for me by Deanna (one of the Batty Babes) and it's great, but it's red and I thought it looked "summery" and I'd make a different one in fall colors. Well...fall is long gone, but I think I can use this one until springtime. I've never actually seen the "purse police", so I guess I can use whatever I want to carry around all the useless stuff I have in my purse. But it is finished and I can cross it off the list! I LOVE crossing things off the list.

The second thing is a piece of "cheater cloth" that I bought years ago just in case I ever realized my dream of a red and white kitchen. For those who don't know, "cheater cloth" means the design is printed on the fabric and you don't have to piece the top. You just start quilting. Well, I started quilting a few years ago when we started remodeling the kitchen. Then for some reason, I put it away. I couldn't even remember how far I had gotten on it. So I dug it out and was pleased to discover I had only a small bit left to do. So now I have finally finished my kitchen tablecloth and it, too, is crossed off the list!


Mellie said...

I'm so jealous. I seem to be adding TO my list instead of finishing anything (and I picked up a shop sample today!).

Anonymous said...

girls, girls, girls....if you don't start a project or put it on your to do list, then you can live by my motto....ignorance is bliss! this also applies to teenagers, old people and nutritional intake of green leafy veggies! loveyou both and know your projects are the best and beautiful no matter what stage they are in. miz b