Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It

When Savannah was little she thought Grandpa could fix anything by putting a battery in it. He had done that with a couple of her toys, so whenever anything was broken--she brought it to him for new batteries. The fact that not quite everything could be fixed that way never shook her confidence in Grandpa's abilities.

Yesterday we were hanging out at Jodi and Jeremy's house waiting to play in the snow that never came :( and when Emery got up from his nap, he showed us that his best friend, "Blankie", was broken. The binding had come loose for a length of about 12 to 14 inches. He brought it to me because he knew I could fix it. He even took me to where Jodi's sewing machine is (she doesn't use it...but he remembered me using it one time when I was there) and told me that would work. He also wanted to sit on my lap and he had done before. I guess his confidence was mixed with concern because as I started, he had his hands folded in prayer! But I would stitch for a few inches, then stop to line everything up again for the next section. He enjoyed this quite a lot and would laugh and say, "Do again, Nanny!" and I'd sew some more. Finally he was delighted to see that Blankie had not only survived the surgery, but looked good as new!


Jess said...

Wouldn't you know... the sewing gene finally hits the next generation and it hits your grandSON - Jeremy will be so proud.

Jaime said...

i love to read your stories about savannah and emery! i saw both the pictures of emery praying about blankie and the dino-hat + mittens on jodi's flickr site and they made me laugh!