Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mid-Week Inspiration

I was reading my sweet book, Home to Holly Springs, and the main character quoted poet George Macdonald as saying:

"You have a disagreeable duty to do at twelve o'clock. Do not blacken nine and ten and eleven, and all between, with the color of twelve."

I thought that was worth remembering...and sharing.

I would love to post pictures of snow tomorrow --- but I think we're just going to get some rain with a little sleet mixed in. But we'll take any precipitation that we can get.


Anonymous said...

i read that great book on saturday and was sad when i finished as i knew it would be another forever before the next one appears! i too thought that quote was a great one to remember and how true it is. i hate ruining my day worrying 'bout the afternoon chores! stay warm under one of your quilts as we watch it rain and not snow tonight and tomorrow. but drive safely as you go to stock up on bread and milk as required by the code of the southern snow fradie bird! miz b

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