Thursday, January 17, 2008

Got Milk?....and Bread?

Yesterday I was very doubtful that I would have pictures of snow to post today, but God answers the prayers of little children (and their Nannys). For the past few days all the local stations and the weather channel were calling for a mix of rain and freezing rain or sleet. Not one of them even whispered the word I desperately wanted to hear..."snow". Early in the week I told Jodi that she and Jeremy should plan to take off Wednesay afternoon and drive to north Georgia to stay over night so that if they got any snow up there on Thursday morning they would be there to see it. She got excited that it might just be that close, but said that Jeremy hates cold and snow and would most likely not be enthused about such a trip. And besides, she had a meeting on Wednesday evening. But then as she became more aware of the changes in the weather yesterday, she told the kids several times , "Let's stop a minute and say a prayer for snow". As you can worked!

Around 5:00 p.m. we started seeing flurries. That was fun. But then it kicked in and we did get a couple of hours (maybe less) of beautiful, soft flakes coming down and sticking to most surfaces. It does this midwestern-born girl's soul good to see that -- and it's been too long in coming. It's been a few years now since we've seen this kind of snow...and my grandkids have not seen it at all. They got to go out and play in it for a while. And as Jerry and I knelt backwards on the sofa, watching the beauty out the front window, I noticed tire tracks in the drive. Jess came to share the joy and she and I got pictures as best we could before it got dark. Not long after that, it was all over and the precip that we're glad to see had changed back to rain. But Jess took a video while it was falling and she's hoping that will get her through July.

For those of you who have not lived in the south, you may need an explanation of today's title. You see, whenever a snowflake is spotted -- and you will know this because they will interrupt the TV shows to report on it and show it -- the natives are compelled to run to the store to "stock up" on milk and bread. Those of us who have been transplanted here are hard pressed to understand this. As you can see, the snow is usually finished in a few hours. At worst, you could be "stranded" for a day or two. Then it will be in the 40s or 50s and you can go to the store to get whatever you need. I agree with Jessica's philosophy: if you're going to go to the store to "lay in" supplies, get wine and chocolate. That's the way to enjoy a southern snowstorm!


Mellie said...

I always figured dog food and diapers (when the kids were little) but I like the wine and chocolate idea much better!!

Anonymous said...

oreos and milk! why people buy stuff they can't cook if the electicity goes off or things they never ever eat is beyeond me! give me a warm blanket, a good book, a glass of milk and a tray of oreos and i am good for at least a day. however, at my age and brittle bones and large girth, the thought of sliding without a sled under me is a nightmare and requires more oreos to soothe my fevered brow! miz b miz b

Anonymous said...

Make mine wine & chocolates or oreos & hot chocolate. We may be "laying in" a few supplies so we don't have to go out into the 5 degree IL weather this weekend. J & B