Monday, January 7, 2008

I Made It!

One of my favorite Christmas decorations...and one that I put up even the years when I don't put everything my "winter wonderland" in the front yard. I have 4 white light trees (not the spiral kind -- the kind that are actually shaped like trees), we put lights on the hemlock tree, garlands and lights on the arch and the two bird houses, and then put lights on an old artificial tree and put it up by the house. Jerry has them rigged to a timer, and I love looking at them every night when they come on. The "problem" comes when it's time to take them down. Jerry thinks they are Christmas lights and should come down the day after Christmas...New Year's Day at the latest. I think they are Christmas SEASON lights and should stay lit until the Epiphany. What if the Wise Men want to come and bring me some gold? How will they find me???
One year, on New Year's evening, I was surprised to see they did not come on. I went out to check to see if there was a problem. Jerry had simply unplugged the extension cord and taken it in. (Can you say "passive aggressive"?) This year he did not fight me on it. They were still lighting the neighborhood (he thought it was embarrassing) on January 6th. :) Yeah!!
So today we took the whole thing down. It's not really that hard, so why was I working up a sweat? Because it was 70 degrees when we put them up, and 70 degrees again today when we took them down. Ahhhh...winter wonderland in the south.


jodi said...

Hey, don't tell Dad but I haven't taken down one decoration. Not a single one! For no other reason than I've been lazy. What would he think about that? :)

Mom said...

If he read your latest post, he'd be proud of you! I think that's so cool that you have such a great author next door.