Monday, November 12, 2007

Ten Digit Trouble

Emery has long been fascinated with how things work. His little hands were busy at a very early age with things that twist, turn, fit together, etc. His newest interest is in things that pump and spray.

On Saturday while Jerry, Jodi and I lingered over breakfast and visited at the kitchen table, the kids were playing in the basement. Pretty soon Savannah came upstairs and said, "Nanny...Emery sprayed his car." I went downstairs to find a puddle on Pledge on the seat of his little riding toy. As I wiped it off (I never even clean my own car...but now his is nice and shiny) I asked her what else he had sprayed. She said, "The TV., the books..." Didn't seem like any real damage, but I'll have to be careful where I leave the cleaning supplies now!

On Sunday we were at their house to celebrate Jeremy's birthday. Again, as the adults visited upstairs, the kids were playing downstairs in their play room. I took some crayons and paper down there to help Savannah make a birthday card for daddy. I told the kids to come to the kitchen table and we'd make cards for Daddy. Emery said, "I need to wash my hands." I said okay, but when I followed him into the bathroom I saw that he'd already been "washing" his hands. There was a puddle of liquid soap (from the pump dispenser) on the toilet seat and he'd been smearing around in it like it was finger paint. There was also some on the vanity and just a little running down the side by the toilet paper.

"I sorry, Nanny. I sorry." He sounded so sincere. So I cleaned it up as best I could but that involved using the towel. When I took the towel upstairs and told Jodi why it was going in the laundry room, she sighed and said he was so quick to apologize because he had just gotten in trouble for doing the same thing in the upstairs bathroom! A little while later, Jessica caught him doing the same thing in the master bathroom.

So even though there seems to be SOME remorse, he just can't help himself. He's a serial pumper! I don't know if there's a 12-step program for that or how old he'd need to be to get into one.


Jess said...

I'm sure Brad has room for one more in our Thursday night Celebrate Recovery program at church! Although I'm sure he'd be in a category all to himself - unless there are other OCD people with handsoap fetishes!

jodi said...

He is almost a recovering pump-a-holic. Our "12 step program" involves a swat with a certain spatula. His relaspes are now few and far between.