Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jesus Bring the Rain

One of my new favorite Christian songs is, "Jesus Bring the Rain". In the song, rain represents the trials and hardships of life. The message is that if pain and struggles are what it takes to bring God the glory, then we willingly say, "bring it on". In Georgia, however, we are saying, "Jesus bring the rain....please!" Yesterday our governor amassed a diverse group of people on the steps of the capitol to pray for much-needed rain in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. We have a prediction of 60% chance of rain for tonight, and 40% chance tomorrow morning. That would truly be a Godsend!

This is a picture of the lake behind Jodi and Jeremy's house. All of the red clay you see is usually well under water. This pictures was taken a couple of months ago, so it's much worse now.

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jodi said...

Yeah, have you noticed the latest picture I posted on Flickr. I posted an Aug pic next to a Nov pic. It's amazing how much it's gone down.