Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not Quite Helpful

Yesterday I picked Savannah up from school at noon. I had told her she could come over one day this week and help me finish decorating the tree. She was all excited about it, but her enthusiams for the task at hand didn't last very long. After a while she started having her "collections". She would take certain ornaments, or groups of ornaments, and play with them off to the side. Once they were part of her collection, I was not to take them to hang on the tree. She amuses herself very well and was off in her own little imaginary world from time to time. But she also got busy with the lighting. Grandpa showed her the neat remote control he got for turning the tree lights off and that we don't have to crawl over the packages and under the tree to plug and unplug. So she would turn the room light off to see how the tree looked lit in the dark...ooooohhhhh--aaaahhhhh...then she would turn the room light on and the tree off. Every once in a while I'd be hanging an ornament and all the lights would go off!

So then I tried to re-engage her help with decorating the downstairs bathroom. I hang a garland around the big mirror and decorate it with miniature things. Again, I lost several items to her collections and I'll have to finish that job today. But she discovered Grandpa's magnetic screwdriver laying there and found out it would pick up ornament hooks. That fascinated her for quite a while. Again she was off in a world of her own imagining and she kept softly saying "Screw. Screw. Screw. Screw." in a sing-song voice. As I was reaching up to work with the garland, suddenly there was a screwdriver poked into my side and she said, "Screw you, Nanny."


jodi said...

When she poked you was it bitchy??? Ha!!! :)

Jackie said...

At least at this age the comment was innocent. Wait til she's a teenager!