Monday, November 5, 2007

My Work in Progress

Here are my girls, Jodi and Jessica. Aren't they cute? They're also sweet, kind, supportive and wonderful young Christian women. Their father and I are very proud of them both. They are also both bloggers. So a few months ago (has it really been that long?) they were at our house and while I played with the grandkids in the other room, they were in the computer room. Pretty soon they said, "Hey, mom. Come and look at something." The "something" I saw was that they had set up a blog for me! I guess that because I'm a frequent commenter on both of their sites, they think I have something to say. :)

So I've had a blog and had no idea what to do first. The other day I finally got brave enough to type something. But their blogs are SO creative and gorgeous and I don't even know how to transfer stuff in and around. I managed this picture, but the process wasn't pretty. (There has to be an easier way) So I need to play around now and figure out what I'm doing.

They said they just chose "Work in Progress" as a working title and I could retitle it to whatever I wanted. I think the title is terrific! My life, after all, is a work in progress. Also, I am an avid (read: compulsive, addicted, rabid) quilter and always have MANY quilting works in progress going at any given time.

So I'll stick with the title and just keep plugging at this slowly and try to feel my way to a better blog. Feel free to check in from time to time to see if I'm making any progress.


Kay Bassett said...

JoBeth! What a perfect thing for you to have! You always have the funniest outlook on life & make me & everyone else who knows you laugh to no end! This is Fabulous & now I will be reading it all the time to keep tabs on you & Jerry & the girls & grandkids! You seriously have to figure out the picture thing tho. This is great...have a blast with it! I may need one of these too! Looking forward to your comments daily! Love bunches! Kay

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! YOU have TIME to blog! My darlin' daughter decided I didn't have enough to do with mom, work, a retired husband and grandkids so she decided she'd get married next summer just to challenge my organizational talents. However, I still make time to read your blog because it will always make me laugh and make me keep in mind what's important. Cathe and I need to sent bottled water to our dried out/up cousin in Georgia?

Jess said...

See... it'll be great once you get going. It'll just be like a spread-out year-long, day by day Christmas newsletter! Good start on it! You'll surpass my knowledge of all that is blogging in NO time!

Love, Jess

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