Monday, November 26, 2007

The Feast

We had our feast yesterday...and I do not use the term lightly. I made a big turkey that turned out very moist and I made the traditional mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, and my mom's cranberry relish recipe. I also tried a couple of new things that didn't turn out half bad: a chocolate, carmel, pecan cheesecake and twice baked sweet potatoes. Yum. Jodi brought the green bean casserole -- because it isn't a holiday meal without the green bean casserole. Jessica called a good ol' down home southern cook she knows in North Carolina to get her recipe for candied yams. She also brought the Blue Willow version of cranberry relish because the kids don't like the celery in mine. She also brought me a beautiful bouquet of fresh fall flowers! :) Jeremy's mom brought her moist and wonderful dressing as well as warm bread pudding with lemon sauce...and a glazed carrot cake. Even Savannah had something to "bring to the table". Her mom had gotten her some Disney character place cards and she wrote our names on them and chose the seating arrangements. She filled them all out herself and only needed help in spelling Jessica's name. She's writing very well!

After eating and cleaning up, we were treated to the musical stylings of Nana York on the piano. She plays beautifully and it's wonderful to hear music coming from that big piece of furniture that usually just sits in the living room. Savannah wanted to dance to the songs she was playing and so, of course then, did Emery (the mimic). But he just spun round and round in circles until he fell down. He thought it was hilarious. (He was right)

Then it was time for the new tradition...the painting of the ornaments. It was a quick, fun project and I now have some more new and interesting ornaments on my tree. I still have some of the ones my kids painted when they were little, so this is fun for me. When we went downstairs to hang them on the tree, the little ones were jumping up and down, saying, "I want to do it...I want to do it." So we let them hang them all. Trouble is, they can only reach up so far...and apparently Emery (his are on the right) could only reach one branch! :)

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