Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Late to Bed...Early to Rise

Okay so it's 4:20 in the morning. I guess I've always been somewhat aware that there are TWO 4:20s in each day, but I'm usually blissfully unaware of the AM one. But I was awakened about 3:15 this morning by a light on in the bathroom and Jerry getting dressed! I said, "Where are you going?" (or something like that). He said he had to go check the hoses. We had our first freeze warning of the season for last night and he hadn't remembered (until 3:15 in the morning!) to turn off the outside water faucets. Georgia folks and fellow drought sufferers don't panic and turn us in...he hasn't been using the outside water, but they were just left turned on. So he and the dog had to go see to that chore. After a little while, I got up to see where he was and he was watching TV. I said, "Aren't you coming back to bed?" (or something like that). He said yes and pretty soon he was back in bed...cold feet and all. A little while later he was up again. Now he said he had to go check on the pool pump. It was running, but it didn't "sound right". Well after all this I was wide awake and try as I might for the next hour or so, sleep just wasn't coming back. So I'm up for the day now. We're going to have Emery today, so I'm thinking that after lunch and after I read "Sleepy Head Bear" (his very favorite nap-time book), I may just curl up with him and join him for a nap. Doesn't that sound (and look) inviting?
Oh, and just so you I write this Jerry and Roxy (the dog) are snuggled up in the bed. I, on the other hand, am headed to my sewing room!
PS: Since we're meeting Emery for breakfast at IHOP this morning, I told Jerry when I went to bed last night, "Don't let me sleep past 8:00 in the morning." I guess I should just have used the alarm clock.

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