Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What is it, Girl?

I'm sure you remember Lassie...that lovable, albeit whiny, collie dog from the days of black and white TV. In every episode, Lassie would come to Timmy or his parents and whine...and whine, and whine and whine, until they were tired of listening to it and would get fed up enough to say (in mild, sweet voices), "What is it, girl?" Lassie would then lead them to someone who was in danger and, as always, she would save the day -- as well as the distressed -- and be the hero. That was the show. Every week. It truly was a different time in TV viewing.

Our dog, Roxie, has been doing her impression of Lassie for the past week or so. She is obsessed with our fireplace. She looks at it and whines...and whines...and whines. She stares at the ash box. Jerry has opened it to show her there isn't anything in there. She tilts her head to one side...and then the other. She continues to stand guard. A few times, one of us have heard a barely audible scratching or rustling sound. There must be something (or someone?) in the chimney or within the wall around the chimney. When whatever it is decides to have a "coming out" party, Roxie will be right there to meet and greet. If that happens, I'll let you know what it is. Until then, we'll just continue to say (day and night), "What is it, girl?"

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Anonymous said...

Well? We're waiting on an update...we all want to know what Roxie found!