Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a Gray Area

Due to the drought of the last few years, and last summer in particular, our landscape has suffered. We have lost a few bushes and small trees and it's really been sad. In our front yard there are several good-sized azalea bushes. But the anchor of the front yard landscape...and my greatest delight...are 11 large white azalea bushes. Each is over 6 feet tall and at least 7 feet across. And when they bloom they are magnificent. I was very worried about the effects of the drought on my wonderful azaleas. So we've been using gray water. We put a bucket in the shower, and every morning all winter Jerry would schlepp down to the front of the yard and water a bush. Each got a rotation. I don't know how much it helped the bushes, but it helped me sleep better at night. This spring has been beautifu in Georgia as always, so maybe we didn't need to do this. But I'm sure it didn't hurt, either.

So this past week they were at heir best. I called the girls and said, "Come over. It's time for our annual photo op among the azaleas!" And they came and we took tons of pictures...mostly of the grand kids, of course. But it's cute to look back and see how they've grown every year in relation to the bushes. Here's Jessica with the kids. They're cracking up because they're telling her "knock-knock" jokes. Their jokes don't make any sense to the rest of us, but they think they are hilarious.

And here is one of me with the two little ones sitting on a log. Jodi has a lot of pics on her blog if you'd like to see some more. If you'd like to see the real thing, you'd better hurry. They're starting to fade and we'll have to wait another whole year to enjoy them like this again.


Anonymous said...

I love that in the midst of your reality you take time to share your flowers (grandkids included) with the rest of us. And I love that Jerry is so dedicated to the azaleas. Best I could coax out of Shel was to pee on the bushes to keep the deer away!

Anonymous said...

Hope we get to see those beautiful azaleas sometime. My measly few tulips & forsythia bush don't compare. Joan