Thursday, November 1, 2007

Foamie Fun

I've always liked arts and crafts...all kinds. One of my favorite new playthings is Faomies. Those brightly colored, peel and stick foam shapes that you can use on (almost) anything.

A short time ago I got a bucket of Halloween Foamies...ghosts, pumpkins, houses, bats, crescent moons, trees, etc. and some large foam rectangles. I took them over to Jodi's house and the girls, the grandkids and I had fun making Foamie scenes on placemats.

A few days later I saw something on the floormat of the car. When I picked it up, I found it was one of the little Foamie bats. He must have escaped from the bucket of leftover shapes, or flown off one of the placemats. At any rate, I picked him up and stuck him on the car -- right under the radio. I don't think Jerry has noticed yet, but now we're driving a "bat mobile". :)


Jess said...

So, does that make you Robin?
You know, now we're just gonna have to get you hooked into your digital camera for your blog!
Have fun with it! I know it'll be a great one.


Anonymous said...

Want a pic to go along with this post? I've got one if you want it.