Monday, June 2, 2008

A Wet Weekend

Part of me wishes this post was about all the rain we got this weekend. We are very, very dry again and the plants and flowers have sad little faces. We had a chance for rain last night and it was predicted to be raining this morning...but so far, not a drop. Also, there is a very slight chance for some precip today, tonight and tomorrow. But I don't hold out much hope.
So why am I writing a bout a "wet weekend"?

On Saturday Jodi called and said she and Jeremy had a last-minute opportunity to go to a resort at Lake Oconee with some friends and play golf (him) and go to the spa (her) and out to a nice dinner and spend the night (both). But she needed a baby sitter and could I pleeeeese keep the kids overnight? Well...of course! Since we weren't having any rain, the kids and I got in the pool Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours. Then when Jess got off work, she came over and we got pizza and had a "party" night. On Sunday morning, we all went to Jess' church early, then came back and had warmed-up pizza for lunch and got in the pool again for a couple of more hours. They had a ball...and after that they both took 3-hour naps and were just getting up when mom and dad came to collect them.
Jessica forgot to "turn the other cheek", so she's red on one side and white on the other. If she stops and turns around to look back, she looks like a barber pole!

So it was a good weekend, and everybody enjoyed it....except the poor flowers with their pitiful little faces to the hot sun.

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