Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Job, Dale!

I wrote the other day that they were prepping our house for painting and that it could be described as "the spotted one on the left."

Well, the following day there seemed to be a film on my windows. Now...I'm not very good about washing my windows. Period. No excuses...just the facts. And every once in a while I will have to go outside to see if it really is foggy that day. But after Dale taped plastic over all the windows (and shutters), it was pretty gloomy in the house.

So then they began painting. They spray painted the house, but hand painted all the window trim, eaves, the lattice on the front porch, the door frames...everything that didn't move. Even the shutters got a new coat of green paint. They finished about 7:00 on Wednesday evening. Then he "invited" us for a walk around. We got to check everything out with a magnifying glass and if we found a spot (We looked hard, butI think we only found two) that wasn't perfect...he'd touch it up right then and there. They really did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to anyone. So now it looks like we have a fresh new house!

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