Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camp Nanny-Gramp

Some time ago, Jodi and Jeremy committed to go with several other members from their church on this year's mission trip to Honduras. She asked if we would keep the kids for 7 days. Well...of course!...we'd love to.

So this is the week the kids are vacationing at our house. Jodi brought them over last Friday about mid day. They immediately went to their "surprise boxes" as usual. Savannah had a loom in hers and we began weaving lessons. Emery had two balsa wood glider planes for him and Grandpa to fly. So we were off to a good start. (Note on the picture of Savannah that we got new porch furniture to go with the nice new paint job on the house.)

Saturday was a play-at-home day and they got out every toy in the place. When Aunt Jess got off work, she came over and we played in the pool. Sunday morning we went to Jess' church -- early service -- and then got in the pool again. Jessica dazzled the kids by diving off the diving board. Monday is Jess' day off, so while Grandpa and Emery played together at home, Jess, Savannah and I had a "girls' day". We went to Wal-Mart and got some plain old flip flops...then to Michael's to get some fancy ribbons...then to lunch at Wendy's...and then we came home and decorated our flip flops. We had fun and they turned out great! Here are Savannah's and mine. Jess' were cute, too, and very festive...red and white. But she refuses to be a "foot model". We made a pair of brown and blue ones for mommy to surprise her when she gets home from Honduras.

Today is Tuesday and Savannah has some books due back at the library. So we will hit the library this morning and then go out to lunch in Old Town Conyers. There is a cute little OLD drug store that still has a soda fountain and has lunches the kids will like. The plan for tomorrow morning is to go to a petting zoo. I hope it won't be too hot, because Savannah and I were looking at the place on the computer and she's really up for it. The record temps this week have made getting in the pool at least once every day a MUST. It's also a great way to ensure good naps and sleeping in to a reasonable time in the morning. It wears them out quite nicely.

But don't get the wrong impression. It's not all fun and games here at Camp Nanny-Gramp. There are chores to be done, too. Like vacuuming the floors and cleaning off the cherubs in the fountain. We're not above exploiting cheap labor!
I'd better get off the computer now and go pay attention to my house guests. Emery just came in and told me that the pool is nice and warm and he wants to get in it before it gets too cold. (He remembers hearing all winter that he couldn't get in because it was too cold.)

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