Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why, Emery...why?

If Savannah went through the "why" stage, I don't remember it. If she did, I've probably blocked it out of my memory. If she didn't...then Emery is making up for it! The inquisitive little fellow is full of questions these days; mostly "why?".

He was over here Wednesday when the painter was prepping the house. Here's how one (only one of many that day) conversation went:

Emery: "Where's Grandpa?"
Me: "Outside."
Emery: "Why?"
Me: "He's talking to the painter."
Emery: "Why?"
Me: "He wants to know how it's going."
Emery: "Why?"
Me: "Because the man is getting ready to paint the house."
Emery: "Why?"
Me: "Because the house doesn't look very good and needs a new coat of paint."
Me: "Because the weather wears the paint off."

I'll spare you the rest. I think you can see where we're going with this. When he's not asking "why" he's telling "knock-knock" jokes.

Starting next Thursday night, Grandpa and I are going to have the two little ones for 9 days while Jodi and Jeremy go on a mission trip to Honduras. Does anyone have an IPod I can borrow and plug into my ears?????


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Jess's comment cracked me up!

Listening to the little ones is why grandparents are whys.