Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still Celebrating

Even though my birthday was last week, I had a birthday party last night. My quilting friends, the Batty Babes, meet every two weeks on a Tuesday night and we didn't get together last my party with them was last night. It was great -- as always. Amelia had announced in February that she would give everyone their birthday gift at the same time this year. She wanted to take us all to the Olive Garden for dinner and then over to the mall to the Build-A-Bear store to "build a Babe" doll. Great fun. The only problem was, the night they did it I was not available. So she took me yesterday and we did the same thing. Have you ever had a margarita with Amaretto on the side? They have those at Olive Garden and if you haven't tried it...DO! At the mall I built a Babe I named "Bea" (like in Quilting Bea). I dressed her in a pink robe and fuzzy slippers because sometimes I get out of bed, don my pink robe, and go down to my sewing room and just start working. While we were still in the mall I found a really cute pair of navy tennis shoes that I liked very much. They were $128 and Amelia told me to forget birthday was over!
Pam hosted my birthday party. For dinner she had one of my favorites...chicken with Swiss cheese and stuffing...and a mixed greens salad with strawberries, almonds, feta cheese and a vinaigrette dressing. Yummy. A yellow cake with made-from-scratch chocolate frosting and sliced strawberries for garnish finished off the dinner. As you can see, I got lots of wonderful gifts. I got nice things for the house: a pretty floral arrangement that will go perfectly in the guest bathroom, good smelling stuff like a reed diffuser and some sachets; some papers, stickers, album, etc. to get me started on my next scrapbooking adventure; great containers like a tote, a hat box and a basket. And, of course, quilty stuff: two new books (both great!), two kits, fabrics and a gift certificate for more fabrics, thread, scissors, needles and two exquisitely hand-made items by my talented friends.
Thanks,'re the best!

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Anonymous said...

wadda haul of good stuff! for an antique you really are loved and well polished. even 5 year olds don't get such good stuff. too bad my stitches are still railroad tracks and the batty babes don't need me for comic relief like in the olden days at HCE! i hope you continue to celebrate and are a good friend and deserve all good things that come your way. miz b