Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Luck of the Slovak?

I know I'm a little late. Saint Patrick's Day was Monday and I'm just now getting around to writing about it. I'm half Irish (my dad's side) and half Slovak (my mom's side). And so I usually like to celebrate. Normally I try to force the kids to come over and eat "my version" of a St. Patrick's Day dinner: corned beef, boiled potatoes, but NO boiled cabbage (yuk!). They gripe and complain and only sometimes come for dinner. Last year the girls decided they could at least cook something better if they I made one corned beef brisket and somebody else made another one. They insisted on putting cabbage and the potatoes and all in one pot. They said that was better. Well, this year we didn't have the "dinner of obligation" at all. A few weeks ago, when my brother and sister-in-law were here, Linda made corned beef for us. It was WONDERFUL! She spent 3 days on it; soaking, simmering and finally cooking it in a yummy sauce. that I know how to make corned beef right...I didn't. Beef is upsetting mom's system these days and since it was less than a week between St. Pat's and Easter this year (another time for a family dinner), I just let it go. But mom and I did don our green shirts for the day and posed for this shot with our green hats on. We also had mint chocolate chip ice cream and a mint-filled Oreo cookie for dessert.


Anonymous said...

and you both look great! i was going to say "top o'the morn" to you, but sometimes we all look a little rough at the top of the morn before the first sip of diet mtn dew, and both of you look great! please tell lucille i said hello and i am glad you are both enjoying the finer foods on the food pyramid! miz b

jodi said...

"A mint filled oreo"? As in, you ate only one??? I could never do that.