Monday, March 3, 2008

Answers to Prayers

When I ask you to join me in praying for someone, I like to let you know when those prayers have been answered. The other day I was asking for prayers for Shirley. I'm glad to report that her bronchitis is much better. That's probably due to two things: her antibiotics took control, and she managed to pass it off to her husband, "Uncle Ken". At any rate, she's feeling better. And, as you can see, God did a marvelous job on the hair. The failing eyesight still seems to be a problem. But maybe if she's still doing her Stevie Wonder impressions by the end of the year, Uncle Ken can get her a seeing-eye dog for Christmas.
On a more serious note, I saw Nikki's mom the other day and she said she is doing well fighting against her addiction. But we all know that will be a long and difficult road, so please continue to keep both of them in your prayers.

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