Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little Heavy Breathing

Yesterday the phone rang and when I answered it all I heard was breathing.'s been a while since I've had one of those calls. So after a bit I said, "Hello" again. Then a little, "Hello" came back to me. Then I knew it was Emery. He said, "I coming to your house". In the background, Jodi said, "No. You need to ASK her if you can come to her house." So he amended it and said, "I coming to your house, okay?" I said that would be just fine and asked him when he would like to come. He just said, "Blankie is broken". Ahhh...a young man with a need. I asked what he thought I could do about that and he said, "You need to fiss it, Nanny." Well, sure I can do that. So we made a date for repairs on Wednesday and we'll get it all taken care of. That's all it takes to make a Nanny's day! :)

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Anonymous said...

i love those phone calls. mine on friday was "will you give me money? the sick children need your money to get well. and if i get $26, i get the big prize." sure mary catherine i will be glad to sponsor you. "thank you nana" "they need your money"! now how can you not send money even though the exchange rate is double?! so you fiss blankies and i'll send money and we will both have big smiles on our faces! miz b