Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Ready Now, Emery

Trouble is...Emery left about an hour ago. Here's what happened: Emery got a new toy today at Nanny's house. I had gotten him a little train set at the Great Kids consignment sale last week. Today, after his nap, I gave it to him. We took all the pieces out of the box and Nanny was immediately at a loss as to how to put it all together. So I coaxed Grandpa into taking a look at it while I went downstairs to the sewing room to "fiss" blankie, as I had promised. Well...Grandpa really got into the project and had most of the track together and Emery was quite excited about it. But by then it was time for them to leave. I hope that next time he comes to play, Emery will be as excited about it as Grandpa is. You see...after getting the track together and figuring out all the other parts, it turns out it's a great little train set. There's only one main "car" that rides (with batteries) along the track...but as it goes through all the different little stations, it picks up different "top parts" that load, carry, and then dump little balls. Then it repeats all over again. You can hit little switches along the track to change it's direction. Grandpa is having quite a bit of fun with it. I don't know if he's noticed that Emery went home.


Mellie said...

I love this picture! One of my favorites was one of my dad sitting on the floor putting together legos and Ben (about 4 years old) in the background watching TV!

jodi said...

LOL! Sounds like Emery will love it!