Sunday, December 30, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I took some Christmas pictures the "old fashioned way" -- you remember...with a camera -- and I had to wait to get them developed. Forgot how long that takes! So here's the low down on our holiday.

Christmas Eve was spent at my house again this year. Yeah! :) After Jess, Jerry, Emery and I went to Jessica's church, we put out some food and then started the mayhem. Jodi began by opening her birthday presents. Then before the rest of us started on the mountain of Christmas presents under the tree, Jeremy said he had something for Jodi and the kids. They had to sit with their eyes closed while he brought it in. Then they could open their eyes and see....a new puppy!!! So Stafford York (named for the UGA quarterback Matthew Stafford) got to be part of the rest of the festivities -- when he wasn't outside with Jodi for a potty break. We had a lot of fun and everybody got really nice gifts. Not a "return" in the bunch, I believe. The little ones were so excited and loved everything they got. Of course we all got them something that we thought would just thrill them...and then, as grown-ups do, we made them put them aside without playing with them so they could open something else. One of the cruelties of Christmas. But Savannah did get to ride her pink Unicorn from Aunt Jess and enjoyed clomping around in her Ruby Red Slippers like Dorothy's (from the Wizard of Oz) and Emery did enjoy trying on his Buzz Lightyear costume and felt he could then go "to infinity...and beyond!!" It's good to have that much stamina on Christmas eve. Along with the Ruby Red Slippers, I had also gotten Savannah a "deluxe Toto in a basket". I didn't know anything about Stafford at the time I got Toto...but they're just about the same size! Stafford is a "shit zoo". I may have the spelling wrong, but I'll check with Jodi after the first couple of weeks and see if she thinks that's an appropriate description.

The kids had decided that instead of a sit-down dinner this year, they'd like to have appetizers and nibbles and snack-type foods like we did one other year. So we had crockpot Mexican dip, Mellie's Sweet and Sour meatballs, strawberry -pretzel salad, crab spread hors d'oeurves, veggies with dip, a cheese ball, Chex mix, People Puppy Chow, fudge, birthday cupcakes, holiday punch and Grandma Mary's Eggnog. I could give you Grandma's recipe, but I'd need to see your ID.

Then on Christmas morning, we went over to Jodi and Jeremy's house to see what Santa brought and what was in the Christmas stockings. Then we came home for a while so they could all get their naps before going to the York's for Christmas dinner in the evening. Just to be "supportive", we all took naps, too. Jeremy's mom, Linda, was gracious enough to invite us to join them for their Christmas, too, so we went to her house for a traditional -- and very delicious -- Christmas dinner. She had ham and turkey with gravy, candied yams, green beans, cranberries, rolls, and her very wonderful dressing. I didn't grow up eating dressing the way it's made in the south and I'm not a big fan of cornbread. But I always have seconds of her cornbread dressing! She also had three desserts. I won't list them here, though, because every time I mention them I gain another pound! We had wonderfu time there, too.

I got my biggest wish for Christmas...good time spent with the family. I hope you all got your greatest wishes and gifts, too.

Now on to Aunt Leona's birthday on New Year's Eve!

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