Friday, December 7, 2007

Party Girl

I haven't written all week because I've been busy getting organized...for the parties! I had three in a row this week. All fun, but my brain gets tired of trying to remember what I have to take to each place. I'm always sure I'm fogetting something.

Tuesday night was the regular, biweekly meeting of my quilting bee group; the "Batty Babes". That's usually a no-brainer. Just remember to show up on time and bring something to work on -- or not. But this week was Liz's birthday, so I had to remember to take her gift. (That's Liz on the left. Melisa is on the right, but I couldn't figure out how to crop her out of the photo, so she gets a free pose. I said...I'm still learning this stuff!) I also had to remember to take stuff to decorate the table for Thursday's party so I could give it to Ardis to get the table set up before I could get there after work. Things on that list included; chargers, plates, flatware, stemweare and a quilty Santa.

Wednesday night was our monthly applique class. We're working on Baltimore Album quilts (in progress). So that meant; do the homework from last month as well as prep the block for this month. We also decided that since we only get together once a month we would have a little Christmas party and gift exchange. So...remember to take the exchange gift.

Thursday night was the quilt guild Christmas party. Besides what I had already taken to give to Ardis, I had to remember to take a dish to pass, an ornament for the swap, my Secret Pal gift, and 3 fat quarters to play a game with.

Whew! I actually remembered to take everything. My dining room table was lined up with piles of things to take for each night. Next week I don't have anything going on in the evenings, and then the following week I have three in a row again...and then Christmas! Lots of fun!!

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