Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time to Tally Up

Because I have so many projects going all the time (works in progress), sometimes I feel like I'm so far behind and never getting anything done. It's good to look back once in a while and take stock of what I have finished. So I looked back at my quilt calendar for this past year and here is what I did manage to get accomplished: 3 small shop and/or class samples, 3 wall hangings, 14 table runners, 2 table toppers, the family Christmas raffle quilt, 2 tote bags, 1 baby and 3 full/queen bed quilt tops (quilted by someone else) , and something else that I can't mention here because it's a Christmas present. I also did 3 quilt restorations, made 4 pillow cases, got 4 patterns into production, taught 5 classes (some of them are 6-weeks), and kept up with 2 block-of-the-month programs. So I guess I'm not really a "slug"'s just that my dreams exceed my clock and calendar.

Pictured here are (clockwise): A wall hanging I made for my dining room, a Christmas wall haning I made for another wall of the dining room, and this year's family Christmas raffle quilt (won by Savannah).


Mellie said...

Well, I wanted to see all of them! Seriously, that's an amazing amount of quilting, even for you! Congratulations!

gail said...

You wore me out just reading all you have accomplished. Way to go!! Great pictures, but they are even more beautiful when you actually get to see them.

Letícia said...
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