Friday, December 14, 2007

Decking the Halls

Well, actually, the halls are about the only thing not decked. After all, you have to be able to walk somewhere! But I have been in the mood to decorate to the hilt this year. Last year I seemed to be behind on everything and every aspect of Christmas...from the shopping to the wrapping to the decorating to the parties...seemed to be hurry-up and I did not enjoy it very much. This year I was excited to decorate for several reasons. When I cleaned up after the holidays last year I took my time and went through everything and got ride of a lot of it. Things that never even got taken out of the boxes for the last several years got done away with. Then I bought some new things that I like very much. Especially for our recently remodeled kitchen and dining room. In the kitchen, for example, I got a cute snowman picture for the wall, a little old fashioned sock to hang on the pantry door and a sign over the door that reads "God Bless Us Every One". And besides the quilted poinsettia for the wall in the dining room, I got a tree to put on the sideboard and a beautiful angel, and found that was a great place for my corn husk manger.

I always like decorating the guest bathroom. I have a garland for in there that looks like it has icy crystals on it and I add some white, shabby chic ornaments. And I like this crackled snowman that stands in the corner of the vanity.
I decided to put our big tree up in the basement this year because there's more room when the presents start getting opened up. So the small table-top tree in the living room got spruced up (no pun intended) by "wearing" only red and gold ornaments and getting a few sprigs of red berries and icy-looking branches. It looks really nice.
Jerry asked me the other day if I realized we had put up 7 trees this year. I asked him what his point was. He never did say.

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Mellie said...

It all looks great. Your house looks much more ready to celebrate than mine does this year!