Sunday, May 12, 2013

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

   Our church friend, Evelyn Brown, got up during announcements one Sunday morning and said that she was going to have a House and Garden Tour and Bible Study at the home of a friend of hers on Saturday, April 27th.  My first thought was that sounded very interesting and something I might enjoy.  That thought was no sooner processed than the counterpart thought came rushing in.  The one that said, "The 27th?  That's not good.  We have company coming in on the 28th for a week.  I'll have too much to do!"

   So I sat on the garden fence for a few days.  Then I mentioned it to my friend, Pam.  If she had been unable to go, I probably would have talked myself out of going, too.  But she said she was available and it sounded good to her.  So I convinced myself that if I got my lazy butt in gear, I could get most everything done by Friday of that week except for a few last-minute fresh food things.  And we made plans to attend.

   Evelyn's friend, Joy, lives in Eatonton, Georgia.  That is at least an hour away from my house.  It was supposed to rain that Saturday, but it held off and we had a beautiful day.  And I'm soooo glad I made time to go.  If not to "smell the flowers" then certainly to drink them in and marvel at their beauty.  What Joy and her recently deceased husband have done with this house and yard is truly amazing.  They refurbished an old, 1920's house and landscaped the 3 acres or so surrounding it with delights for the senses. 

   We began with a tour of the house that was jaw-dropping.  Meticulous attention to details are the trademark of these two talented and visionary people.

   Then, since the weather was nice, we took our bibles to the deck at the side of the yard and began our study.  After a bit we took a break and walked around the yard and gardens.  Not a moment too soon, because we were all anxious to get out among the flowers and check them out more closely.  Being springtime, the bloomers were beautiful.  And everywhere you looked there were little pieces of yard art, statuary, pots, welcoming paths and arches to walk through. 

   After another short study session, we broke for lunch.  Pam and I joined the few ladies that had settled in on the screened-in porch at the side of the house.  During the house tour I had said that's where I'd be spending most of my time if I lived there.  The afternoon session followed pretty much the morning schedule.  Two lesson sessions with another walk-around-the-yard break in the middle. 

   It was a nice group of 9 ladies...most of whom I knew to some degree.  But as usually happens in this type of environment we relaxed, shared and enjoyed together and made new friends and forged closer bonds.  All in all it was a wonderful day and I can't remember anything that I've enjoyed more in a long time. 
    I think that when I was fence sitting for those couple of days, God gave me the little push I needed to make the decision I made.  Thank you, Father, for leading me to this wonderful opportunity for inspiration, fellowship and blessing.