Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy Spring/Summer Weather

Just a few weeks ago I posted some spring pictures. The delicate colors of newly blooming well as my pink golf ball sitting on a yellow tee waiting to be smacked to smithereens. BTW -- "smithereens" is nowhere near the fairway. But I digress.

Just the day after the spring pictures, I was taking "summer" pictures! A geranium in full bloom and the grand kids in the swimming pool. Our spring weather has been very warm and the pool warmed up to where the little ones were ready to get in. The grownups...aka lifeguards...however, are still just hovering nearby. They were so excited when I told them they could put their new bathing suits on and "just stick a toe in and see how cold it feels". They were in over their heads in no time saying (through chattering teeth), "It's not too cold". They had remembered from last summer just where to go to get their favorite beach towels, their sunglasses, and the "sunscream". (You can't get in the pool without putting on a lot of sunscream.)

Emery said of his new swim trunks, "I look like flag bottom boy." And, for some reason, every time Savannah gets her swimsuit on she thinks she has to sit like this on the chaise lounge chairs. We have this same pose for the last several years.
So we were into full summer mode already. Until yesterday. We've been continuing to have wonderful, glorious rainy intervals. The drought is over and the blooming things look fantastic. But yesterday was a gray, drizzly day which turned breezy and much cooler. Last night when they ran the teaser for the local news, the weatherman said, "I'll tell you when we'll be experiencing February-like temperatures"!!
I think the kiddies will be quite surprised when they come over again and the water is colder than it was before! Then again...they might not even notice.

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jodi said...

I was taking the trash down last night and it felt like fall. Wierd...but in a good way. :)