Monday, August 4, 2008

God is Good

Due to the ongoing drought...and especially the past few years...we have several large, dead pine trees around the property. A few seem rather threatening to the house, the pool, etc. We had been looking at one very big one in particular. I say "had been" because God took it down for us the other night during a brief but very windy thunder storm.

I had been at a scrapbook retreat over night and had gone with my friend, Mellie. I drove, so when we got back here I pulled my car up into the back yard and we unloaded her things. Then I pulled my car into the garage and unloaded my stuff. I was tired and it would not have been out of the realm of possibility to leave my car where it was and deal with the "stuff" in the morning. If I had done that, my car would have been sitting on the left side of the yard...right where the trunk of the tree fell. And Jerry said that just about 1/2 hour earlier, he had pulled his truck into the back yard -- as he sometimes does -- and it would have been just to the right of that...where the top of the tree hit. But then he had moved it over by the shed.

Also...God "pruned" it for us. It broke off about 8 feet up. If it had fallen over at the very bottom, it would have smashed through the fence around the pool. As it was, it came within a few feet of touching it.

Usually I ask Jerry every morning, "What are you going to do today?" or "What's on your agenda for the day?". Yesterday morning when I asked, "Gee...what are you going to do today?" he looked at me funny. know...not funny "ha-ha" more like funny "you're not very funny". He worked all day in the 95-degree heat, bless his heart, and got it all cleaned up. Today he is hauling it away. What would I do without him?

What some people might see as a series of fortunate events and decisions, I choose to see as the hand of God...blessing us and providing us with constant little (and not so little) miracles. Thank you, God, for your constant care.

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Anonymous said...

Wow....God is in the details