Sunday, September 21, 2008

Speaking of Quilting...

Actually, I haven't been speaking of quilting for quite a while. In January, I boasted that I had finished 3 projects in 3 weeks. Well...that's exactly how long that pace lasted: 3 weeks. Then in February I posted pictures of a table runner I did for a class and a new pattern I made for spring. In March and April I showed pictures of two of my seasonal table runners that were published in McCall's. Then, for some reason, I quit telling about my quilting projects. Too busy working to write about it, I guess. But I have stayed busy. In February I also made two tote bags. And my fall and winter table runners have been published by McCall's. (Here's a picture of the fall version)

I keep busy piecing and quilting other projects all the time, but in the spring I had to get really focused on one with a deadline. We were going home to Sheridan in July and I wanted to take a quilt to my BFF Shirley. I finally decided on the colors and design just before the retreat in April and I started on it that weekend. I finished piecing the top on May 24th, then I had it hand quilted by July 1st! That's a pretty good feat considering it is 63" x 72"!! It's a good thing she liked it.

Like most "good" quilters, I have vowed to start making scrappy quilt tops using up my stash. For those of you who don't know, "stash" is what we call the enormous amounts of fabric we have amassed over the years. I have been working on a few of those, too, and in May I finished one. I did something different with the border than what was planned, but I still like it.

In August I made another table runner top as a class sample. September has so far been a great month for crossing things off the list as "finished". I love doing that! Last spring I saw a picture in a magazine of a stylized bunny and I thought it would make a cute quilt block. From that idea, I sketched out a spring wall hanging with bunnies and baskets and eggs. I e-mailed the sketch to the editor at McCall's and she liked it. So I had to get it made, write the pattern, and send it to her by October 1st to meet her spring publishing deadline. I'm glad to report I got that in the mail last week. :) Also, last week, I put the finishing touches on one that I've been quilting on for quite a while. It's my version of one I saw in a magazine called "Cranbrook Christmas". It's another biggie - 63" x 81" and it will go to some member of the family. It's this year's Christmas Quilt and I will draw someone's name when we have our fall get-together in November.

Then just last week I came up with an idea for another design. I'll keep you in suspense until it's finished, but it's a small (31" x 32") wall hanging. I designed and pieced it last week and have it mostly quilted. I hope to finish it this week.

So...that's what's been going on in the quilting department! (If you click on a picture you an see it better.)


Anonymous said...

A) can i be a member of the family and be included in the drawing for the quilt? love it
B) saw the red white and blue table runner in the shop friday afternoon....loved it too.
C) bought fabric for pillows and almost signed up for the hand embroidery class but came to my senses before i signed on the dotted line. (no pun intended)
D) hope you are doing well. Miz B

Jackie said...

I'm getting in line for the non-family member drawing. Love it!