Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Quilt as Desired"

Last night at our regular Batty Babes' quilt group get-together we celebrated Pam's birthday. We always have extra fun at the birthday parties. She got lots of wonderful things, because we spoil each other quite a bit.

I've decided that I want to dig into my fabric stash this year and make a scrappy quilt top for each of the Babes for their birthdays. I chose the six-point star pattern above for Pam because I have a scrappy six-point star quilt that she's admitted to "coveting". The stars on this one are a little bigger than the ones on my quilt, but otherwise, they look pretty similar. I tried to use old looking fabrics in this one and even more solids that we usually use in quilts today. I was trying to make a new quilt that looked old. I like the way it turned out and so did Pam. On her card I wrote, "quilt as desired". Since I quilt almost all my quilts by hand, I would never have enough time to make each of the Babes a quilt. But since they are all quilters, I figured I would give them each a top and they could then quilt by hand or machine in any way they liked.
The next birthday isn't until July, but in the fall they come pretty close together so I'll have to be working on the piecing pretty steadily all year. I have a few others started and ideas for a few more. Sew much fun!


Anonymous said...

i'm batty and i have birthday next tuesday! think you could whip up a little red and white house theme by then?! miz b

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till November AY

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful, Jo Beth. I can't believe I dropped out of the birthday club this year. Boo Hoo