Friday, July 31, 2009

New and Improved

After many months of moving at the rate of retired people, we have finally finished remodeling and redecorating the master bedroom and bath. And we are quite please with ourselves and the final results. Here are some before and after pictures. You will notice that the whole "country" thing is gone....the quilt (yes, the quilt), all the white eyelet, the wooden cornices on the windows with cutesy things sitting on top, the ruffled skirt on the bedside table, etc.

The "after" picture looks a little dark, but it's not dark in the room. It is nice and bright and clean...just what I was going for. The green paint was replace with cream and tan stripes. That was quite a job, but it really makes the look of the room. New bedding (I'll get around to an accent quilt later), new window treatments, and a new night stand make all the difference in the world.

In the corner of the room -- previously -- there was something that looked like a torture devise. I believe it was some kind of exercise equipment, although we usually just used it to hang clothes on. That has been replaced with a very nice chair in that corner. It doesn't look like it...but it's actually a recliner. You know, in case "reclining" on the bed becomes too tough. Also...the sweet, but small, picture I had on that wall has been replaced with a picture grouping. (I've been studying magazines.)
So, in short, all the hard work was worth it and we're loving our new bedroom look.


Anonymous said...

looks great...i love the walls. it is amazing what the decluttering of our"cutes" can do for a room. i need a clean sweep myself but since i am not putting my house on the market, i will keep all my furniture right where it is and skip the funky homemade stuff they do on each and every home improvement show. you are an inspiration to us who are still working (albeit with cut days and furloughs) to get up and make some home improvements! or sit and watch more HGTV! enjoy your new room. miz b

Jackie said...

Love the room! I still have vestiges of country lingering around the fringes of every room. Need to box it all up and let Goodwill deal with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

jodi said...

Your room really does look good. And I can't wait for you to put those pink stripes on Savannah's walls! :)